1,000 Things

I recently just read a blog about 1,000 things that make one happy, thankful, joyful, etc and thought…hey! I could do that. I might not begin this blogging adventure with 1,000 but start small and grow bigger. I might not update everyday, but when I do…trust me. It will be great. 🙂  So when the dog bites and the bee stings and I’m feeling sad. I’ll simply remember my 1,000 things, and then I won’t feel so bad. 🙂

1. Watching the full moon rise

2.  Ice cold water

3. Guitars

4. Capturing Light

5. Dusk

6. Hay bales

7. Freshly cut grass

8.  Fresh flowers

9. Farmer’s Markets

10. Kayaks

11. Beach sand between my toes

12.  Birds chirping

13. Baby Feet

14. Laughing at nothing

15. Laughing so hard you can’t breathe

16.  Highest points in cities at night

17.  Coffee – Iced Americano

18.  New strings on my guitar

19.  Exercise clothes (especially from LuLuLemon)

20.  Sunsets over the ocean

21.   My Pop

22.   My Seester

23.  My Mom

24.  My grandma try to record a story on my iPhone

25.  My grandpa telling a joke

26.  Reading blogs by other people

27.  Looking at photography blogs

28.  A good americano from a cute (non-chain) coffee shop

29.  Sitting on a secluded rock next to a lake

30.  Encountering the Holy Spirit

31.  When the word of God comes alive

32. Getting married (hopefully that will be one of my favorite things soon …)

33.  Having coffee/tea with a good friend.

34.  My Iphone 😉

35.  The sound of rain on rooftops

36.  Road trips

37. Doing cartwheels

38. Long runs

39. Laughing ducks

40.  Canada

41.  The sound of a good drum beat.

42.  Dancing like no body is looking.

43.  Watching “You’ve Got Mail” for the 1,00oth time.

44.  Running through orchards.

45. The sounds of a bubbling brook (creek)

46.  Frogs “singing” at night

47. Laying in my hammock

48.  Getting mail…REAL snail mail.

49.  Hiking through the woods

50. Finding a new waterfall

51. Seeing high school students have “aha” moments.

52.  Taking photos for a maternity shoot.

53.  Having lunch with Tiffany N.

54. Watching/listening to “Friends” on a road trip with my sister.

55. Driving into my hometown on a clear day and seeing the beautifully snowcapped Sierras.

56. Snowshoeing deep into the woods.

57. Getting new runners

58. Getting new running gear.

59. Getting new backpacking gear

60.  Discounts!

61.  Tacos…from home.

62.  Traveling by plane

63.  Sitting in airports and people watching.

64.  Surprise visiting family or friends



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