Christmas Time at the Landmark House

Yes, I know it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but me and my roomies couldn’t wait to put up our christmas decorations! We decided we were going to put the christmas tree up and decorate and then realized…we didn’t really have any decorations besides ornaments! So “Operation Christmas Decorations” was in affect.

Stop #1 – the $ Store…we thought we would find some great deals…as it was Holiday Headquarters..

after much searching we got good ideas for decorating and only came out with some snowflake ornaments.

Stop #2 …or maybe #3 was a Christmas Blowout!

Micheal’s provided us with many more inspirational ideas, garland and ribbon.

After Micheals we headed to Target where we found some rad red ornaments

Somewhere in between the Holiday Headquarters and Christmas blowout, we ventured into a consignment store, where we met a wonderful lady who gave us free christmas lights!

After “Operation Christmas Decoration” was over, we headed home to decorate!!! Here how is the rest of the story unfolded…

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After many facebook messages, texts, switching around of times/dates the McLean’s and I finally were able to find a date that worked for all of us and the weather.  Veteran’s Day morning we ventured off to the Dieshelhorst Bridge area and Lake Redding Park for a glorious yellowed filled morning. This couple is amazing, beautiful hearts, pure love, creativity and so funny! I laughed a lot. Though baby McLean was due in a week, Jyl was amazing! A week later, Baby has not arrived yet, but we are all patiently awaiting Baby’s arrival.  Here is a mini preview of our photoshoot.

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