kids get candy and wear funny outfits

Normally I am not home during the night of Halloween, but this year I invited a good friend, Melanie, over and we passed out candy (while watching “Leap Year” ) to the kiddos (and not so kiddos). We didn’t get to many trick or treaters but it was so fun getting to see all the costumes and the enthusiasm for candy and sweet costumes.
Since the idea to hand out candy was a last minute idea, we didn’t get the prime candy…so we settled for generic rockets, hard toy story candy, lollipops and werthers.  Which when it comes down to it the kids didn’t care. 🙂

Candy Bowl

We had about 6-7 groups come to the door. My favorite I think was the Whoopie Cushion, who came along with sound effects.

Here are a few photos from the evening.

Then of course, you always have the cute one who doesn’t know who they are and doesn’t talk.  This lil’ one was so cute, he stood at our door and “talked” with us for about 3-4 minutes while his “friend” stood in the background. Turns out his “friend” was his dad, but we never did figure out who he was supposed to be.


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