Benefits of God in my Life…Day #2

Day #2 – Desires

“God enjoys my participation in unfolding His creative work” – rephrased from Bill Johnson.

My second benefit of God in my life is partnering with God in situations and my dreams/desires and getting to see His goodness pour into/on to others and my life.

Here are a few times in my life when I partnered with God my dreams/desires came a reality:

#1 – Getting my Bachelor’s Degree in Recreation – finances were provided, education was amazing, got to get an education in an area that I felt God was calling me to.

#2 – Desire to be a Photographer – I have loved photography for years! This year, after writing down some of my dreams, while partnering with God in prayer, He has guided me in becoming a photographer! I love it! I feel so alive when I am being creative and getting to bless people with photos.

#3 – Desire to lead worship – in 1999, I told God if He showed me how to play the guitar I would only play for Him…and He did!  I love worship. It’s one of my favorite things ever! My desire is to pull on Heaven and bring more if it to earth through worship.

#4 – Being healed of Acid Reflux – my acid reflux problem started around 1995 and in 2005ish – God completely healed me of it one night at church!  It had been a desire of mine to be healed, when I started learning that God WANTS to still heal people today.

#5 –  Desire to Travel – the past few years I really have been desiring to Travel, see more of this amazing earth God created and bring Heaven where ever I go!  This last year, I was able to go to Hawaii and Tijuana while other mini trips to Crater Lake, San Fran and the Redwoods. This next year I am going on a trip to Nicaruagua! soo excited!

Well, I know that’s only 5 and could write more, but decided I needed to keep these short and sweet.


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