Day 9: EUREKA!! I’m Turning 30!

Welcome Day 8, say as I try to wake up this morning.  Still trying to get over this cold, it was hard to get up but needed to go for a quick run before my parents and I ventured off to explore the Northern California coast.  Finally up and ready, I head outside, expecting it to be freezing only to find out it was a BEAUTIFUL SUNNY morning on the coast of California. Thank You Jesus. I love running in new towns. Such a fun way to explore. If you ever get the chance to run in a new city…do it!

Once me and the family got all ready to head out on our adventure, we stopped at the local grocery store, Eureka Natural Foods to pick up some snacks.

Northern California is absolutely beautiful! Redwoods, flowers, ocean, and random animals driving people’s cars.

One of the first places we stopped was in the Redwoods National/State Park to see some old lookout bunkers from World War II!

Pops and I

After our venture to the Bunker, we got hungry, thankfully we were almost to Crescent City and we stopped at Good Harvest Cafe and found it to be very yummy and right off the Redwood Highway. I would recommend going there if you had never been to Crescent City and were hungry. 🙂

After lunch we continued North.  Destination, Brookings, Oregon. Where I was to put my feet in the northern coast ocean as one of my 30 things before I’m 30.

Here’s how it all went down.

it was cold

Some family shots.

A perfect picture for a great day! I do have more photos on my Canon. BUT I love my IPhone for blogging.

Tomorrow is race day…13.1 miles… under giant redwoods along the Avenue of the Giants. 5:45am is going to come sooner then later. So it’s time for bed my friends. Thank you for following my 30 day adventure.  More fun tomorrow!!!

Here’s to turning 30!



Last year my parents came to watch me run my first 1/2 marathon and after we went to the Redwood’s national Park. Here is a awesome photo of a Banana Slug.


Day 8 “Here’s to turning 30”

Today was crazy!! Left for Vacaville this morning at 7am (a 2 hour drive) for a 4 hour meeting. I was super privalaged to be part of this meeting.  It was one of the firstish meetings discussing the re-start of the California Mentor Partnership.   I  enjoyed spending time with amazing people who have the same heart for youth, to see them thrive and not just survive. After the meeting was over, I turned back around to drive 2 hours back to Redding.  I instantly met my parents at my house and 30 minutes later we were back on the road again (they came from Dinuba that morning) and headed to Eureka, CA!!!  I am running a 1/2 marathon Sunday morning and my parents are walking the 10K. 🙂 I love family outings. Needless to say, I am tired and didn’t get a chance to have coffee or lunch with anyone specific today. I did meet with 15 champions in the Mentoring world for 4 hours and have been hanging out with my Mom and Pop. 🙂

Here are some pics from the drive to Vacaville and back.

Life is a Highway

Cow Dots

Just a lil' more Starbucks love...a free cookie!!

Tomorrow’s adventure is along the Northern California (a possibly Southern Oregon) COAST!!!!!!!

Here’s to turning 30,



In the winter’s, my family and I would go up to my Uncle and Aunt’s cabin on Sequoia Lake.  Such fun memories!

I am thankful winter is over and spring has come!!!

DAY 7 of “Here’s to turning 30”!

Day 7…the end of my first week of “Here’s to turning 30” kinda got off to a rough start of not feeling very well, went late to work but thankfully once I got going and downed 2 bottles of “Defense Up” from Trader Joe’s I was good to go.  My day 7 friend is Heidi. Heidi has two beautiful girls, just as sweet as can be. We met up at a park today for a “picnic”. Though we both had places to be after our picnic, we made the most of our time and got caught up on each other’s lives and what God is doing in us and through us. Heidi has amazing dreams and I loved her excitement and hope for the surprises God has for her and her family.  She inspired me to be more excited and hopeful about the future and dreams coming to past. I am looking forward with great anticipation and joy for what God has in store for me, my family and my friends!  Thank you Heidi for being such an inspiration and a beautiful loving mother. 🙂


Tonight I had some friends over to watch “The Goonies”. Some of my friends had never seen it! So of course I needed to host a night so they could watch the classic movie of adventure, risk and going after your dream.  If you haven’t seen this movie. It’s a classic.


Here’s to turning 30,



Goonies make me think of friends you would do life with and go on adventures with.  These two lovely ladies I would do ANYTHING for.  Sisters forever.