“Here’s to turning 30” :: Day 3

Happy Easter everyone!!!! and Happy Day 3!!

Today was a fun filled day of friends and “family”. Once again my heart is full of hope and renewing my passions.  I am so excited for these next 27 days! This morning, after church, I had an impromptu hang out time with my friend Kiley at church and then after I went over to my friend’s, The McCulley’s for Easter Lunch/BBQ.  I am soooo blessed by this family. I loved being part of their family for the day.

After lunch, went on a 9 mile run (p.s. I’m training for a 1/2 Marathon which happens a week from today) then my friends Hannah and Sam came over for our “weekly” game night.  So my Day 3 friends are, Hannah and Sam. I love these two. They are so fun and easy to hang out with.  Thank you both for being part of my journey.

Sam and Hannah

p.s. Hannah dominates in Yatzee. 🙂

I didn’t get to do anything new today, so will have to double up later, and still only have 17 ideas….anyone wanna share some?? 🙂



She-Ra Birthday


One thought on ““Here’s to turning 30” :: Day 3

  1. Yay! Glad you are having such a great time. Some other new ideas:
    1) karaoke
    2) buy an outfit from a thrift store (or multiple ones) and wear it to a function.
    3) do sidewalk chalk drawings somewhere in public
    4) write and illustrate a children’s book
    5) write and record a song and post on YouTube and Facebook
    6) travel to a new city and explore it.
    7) take a dog for a walk
    8) make a prophetic painting for someone and give it to them
    9) air guitar
    10) brush someone else’s teeth (sounds weird!)
    11) visit a convalescent home
    12) bake cookies for a random neighbor that you haven’t met yet.
    13) make a treasure hunt map before you go out to work or or your day and seek out the people on it as you go about your day
    14) write a sermon, just to have one handy.
    15) skip from your car to your destination building
    17) do something nice for someone each day.

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