DAY 6:: “Here’s to turning 30”

Here’s to day 6 of my 30 day adventure! Today, I have been fighting a cold or something. What ever it’s no bueno.  I did though change up my morning routine and walked to work…not from my house..but from where I dropped my car off for an oil change (walking from my house would have taken me for.e.v.e.r!   It was a lovely morning walk, partially along the Sacramento River.

My Day 6 friend is Marci. I met Marci, this year, through her Grandmother (who was one of my youth leaders in High School). Marci is attending the local University.  The moment I met her, I knew we would be friends. She carry’s so much LOVE, JOY, CONFIDENCE and the Presence of God.  As she speaks, you know she has a deep relationship with Christ.   She just finished her first year of university and has the same passion for camps as I do.  I love talking camp with her!  Marci you are beautiful and confident and a great storyteller.  I am blessed to call you friend and look forward to hearing more stories of camp and how God has stretched you and encouraged you this summer.

**disclaimer** I forgot to take a picture with Marci…i know..gasp!! so I stole one off her facebook. :-/ but isn’t she lovely


My new thing for day…well was on day six.

Here’s to turning 30!



we loved our animals


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