Day 14 ::: “Here’s to turning 30” with friends. :-)

I think I am becoming a morning person…..what???…did I just write that? hmm…but really, that thought has been going through my mind all day. I’ve NEVER been much of a morning person, but taking a Fitness Bootcamp class at 6am twice a week…actually might be making me a morning person.  Nothing like running laps and pumping iron to get ya ready for the day.   The fitness bootcamp class I am taking at, Every Day Fitness, isn’t just about physical activity but nutrition and making your whole body healthy.  Our trainer, Kathrine, gave us a recipe for homemade Gluten-Free protein bars today! I was sooo excited and decided that making protein bars was going to be part of my 30 things.  So after work, I went to the local natural/organic grocery store and bought the supplies needed and came home to bake!! I was a little nervous about how they were going to come out because the mix seemed a bit dry, but because of the dates and raisins when creating squares they clumped right up.

the goods

Thanks, Kathrine for the great recipe!

This week, the church I attend, has had a pastor’s/leader’s conference. So many leader’s from churches/ministries all over the world are in Redding.  A group that I am part of, Lighthouse, has many churches all over the globe and a lot of the leaders came out for a conference in Mammoth and then to Redding for another conference!  Today, they had a Lighthouse family gathering at Caldwell Park.  I headed down there for my lunch break to catch up with friends.  Today, I got to hang out with my friend Saara and her baby, Jemima.  It was good to catch up and see how life has been for them in Finland.  So, happy to see them!!! I am excited for Saara, because on Sunday, not only is it her birthday BUT it will be her first mother’s day. What a special day. 🙂 Saara you are a beautiful and wise momma! I love how you love. 🙂

Tomorrow marks the midway point of my 30 days!!!! Happy Friday!

Here’s to turning 30!



With all this talk of Mammoth and Lighthouse Family, here is a pic from my first time in Mammoth. Jenny and I on the Gondola! was a “thumbs up” ride. 🙂


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