Day 15: Half way to “Here’s to Turning 30”

Well, I am half way there. Half way through my 30 days. 15 days till I turn 30. 15 days till a new decade.  15 days of new things and friends!!!!

This morning my roommate, Mel and I went to grab a coffee and catch up on life before we went to dream coach some 7th graders.  Mel is amazing, she carries so much wisdom and authority, and has been a huge blessing in my life! Who knew craigslist would bring roommates together. ha! I am so excited for your next year and adventures you get to go on and dreams you will see fulfilled.  Thank you for being part of my adventure.

Today was a busy day of coaching 7th graders, to meeting with principals at two different schools, talking to the local News station about an event my High School students put on today about underage drinking prevention and awareness, and then actually doing the event.

After work, I went to dinner with people that inspire me, Amy, Josh, Ixil and Pastor Ahiezer from Nicaragua!!  So fun to be with people I love 🙂

It’s almost Mother’s Day, so I sent some lovely flowers to my mom at her work. Thank goodness for flower shops when you live 6 hours away!

And just because, here is one of my favorite summer snacks…Mango Black Ice Tea and tropical fruit. 🙂

The past 15 days has been so igniting in many ways in my perception on life, love, friends and what direction God is taking me.  I am defiantly having more peace about turning 30 and am looking forward to the next 15 days of adventure. 🙂

Here’s to turning 30!



Morro Bay trip! In honor of Day 15 …here is a picture from when I was about 15. 🙂


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