Day 16 ::: Saturday’s are the best of “Here’s to Turning 30”

Though school’s not out for the summer, summer has arrived in fashion.  Friend gatherings, Outdoor BBQ’s and Farmer’s Markets.

This morning, I went to my first ever, Redding Farmer’s Market with Anna and Holly (two of my roomies).

It was so fun, seeing all the fresh veggies, flowers, plants, taste testing Nan and Indian curry and listen to some good ol’ live country music.  Along the way, I got to see one of my friends, Heidi (check out Day 7 ) as always is a blessing to see.  It’s so fun, seeing the community come out, enjoy the outdoors and get fresh goodness!  When we first arrived we were welcomed by, Gil Sisk and the sound of my childhood, traditional country music.

I was also very excited to see that they had not just one…but TWO TAMALE booths!!! Yes I bought one…yum.

Some of my other purchases included, Sweet Williams, two summer squash seedlings and snap peas. I love the Farmer’s Market. I will go again.

After the Farmer’s Market, I head off to a friend’s baby shower.  I went to Nicaragua with Tawni and her husband, Trevor this past March (check out Day 12 to learn more about Tawni)  It was so blessed to be part of her special day! So many beautiful ladies came out to celebrate Baby Stokes and Mama Tawni.  Thanks to Jess for putting the fabulous shower on! Who else has a pinata at their baby shower!

And once again, Tawni, is the one power hitter to knock the pinata down (just like she did in Nica )and  though we are not kids…we still like candy. 🙂

Trevor came at the end to help open presents. I think he was having more fun opening presents then Tawni! 😉 They are going to be amazing, loving, healthy, rockstar parents.

Tawin, Trevor and Baby Stokes

Well, today was party day, after the shower, a few of us headed over to my friend’s Josh and Amy’s house for our Team Matagalpa reunion.  Two of the pastors from Matagalpa are in town, so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity for a BBQ!!!  This team is a huge blessing to me.  They made leading for Josh and I, easy, exciting and enjoyable. 🙂 Thank you beautiful people for your love, inspiration and being you. You bless me!

We are missing a few peeps, Tim, Johnathan Vosslor, Julia, Trevor, Tawni and Jackie.

oh the life of our team. 🙂

then of course what’s a BBQ like if you don’t play some Bocci.

My night ended with Amy, Josh and a new friend, David, ski jumping….on the Wii. 🙂

I love saturdays.

Here’s to turning 30,



I love BBQ’s …it’s my favorite part of summer, good food, good games and GREAT company.

lawn games at my parents


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