Day 17::: “Here’s to turning 30” with Scandinavian and Nica Friends

I woke up this morning thinking it was Monday and feeling very sad wondering where the weekend went.  When I was fully awake I realized it was SUNDAY! and just felt like I had won the lottery…well the weekend lottery of an extra day. 🙂  Today was going to be full of lots of Scandinavian friends and I couldn’t wait!

I went to church and sat with some of my good friends, Amy and Josh and the Nicaragua Pastors, Earl and Aheizer.  Aheizer was heading back to Nica today, so I grabbed a quick pic with this amazing men.

Earl, Aheizer and I

After church, I was able to catch up with a good friend from Sweden.  Anna and I lived in the same house for about 4 months and then in the same apartment complex for the rest of the year our first year of living in Redding.  The past year she has been living back in her home country of Sweden, going to school and helping start a church in Are, Sweden – Are Lighthouse Church.  I loved catching up on life and what God is doing.  Anna is just  like a sister. I love how she is a friend that, though it’s been a year since we last saw each other, it’s as though we just saw each other last week.  Anna carries so much LOVE, wisdom and revelation.

Today is also my friend, Saara’s , birthday and her first Mother’s Day! Her and her husband are from Finland and they also are out visiting for a few weeks.  So today we had a “family” lunch at Red Robin and about 20 people showed up! SO fun, but crazy busy. It was amazing to see so many amazing friends together in one place and getting to celebrate Saara!!! Here is, not Saara but her husband Sami and there beautiful daughter, Jemima.

Yet another beautiful day.

Here’s to turning 30,



In honor of Mother’s Day…here is my Mama.

two beautiful ladies in my life on my parents wedding day

Mother's on my Mom's side (Grandma Evans, Aunt Linda, Mom and Grandma Pauline)

Here is my beautiful Grandma Hartley

and my Grandma Pauline

Just us Girls! Happy Mother’s DAY!!!


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