Day 19::: “Here’s to turning 30” and Longboarding

Today started off at 5:30am again to begin week 5 of my Fitness Bootcamp. As I was driving to the gym, the sun had not quite rose yet, but the early dawn created a majestic blue and black silhouette of Mt. Lassen.  All I could do was smile and take in the beauty. Thank You Lord for your creativity and creating mountains, the sun, the dawn. 🙂

After bootcamp, I got the beautiful privlage of making brunch for some champions in my life, Bethel Lighthouse Leaders:  Ryan, Kiley, Josh and Ross.  Bethel Lighthouse is a homegroup/church plant from Mammoth Lighthouse in Mammoth Lakes, CA. The homegroup is “building a network of relationships to support and empower people to achieve there dreams. our meetings are centered around the presence of God, worshiping Him together brings us closer. Then we share our dreams together and inspire one another. Its a place where people can be free to be a part of the family. a family that is going to change the face of the earth.” (quote from website). Pretty much creating a space for Family…a place to belong and become and be launched to live our dreams.  I have been a part of this homegroup also for about 2 years and 8 months.  I’ve seen people come and go and seen the Leaders be so respectful to the presence of God to allow others to enter into His presence with ease.  I love these 4 peeps. Being with them makes my heart happy and my spirit leap with Joy.  We had so fun, hanging out, sharing stories, sharing dreams, telling rad testimonies of what God is doing and laughing.   Thanks Ryan, Kiley, Josh and Ross for being YOU and enjoying life. 🙂


The Leaders

After our brunch, we were talking about what I could do today for one of my 30 things.  Well, Ross had his longboard in his car… Professor of Longboarding taught me how to longboard! I was a bit nervous but with his easy to follow and encouraging instructions, I learned!! So fun! I still need to gain more confidence and work through fear of falling BUT I did it.  Miss Kiley Hill was the iPhone videographer of the day and took some sweet video and photos for me and Josh also grabbed some sweet shots. So here ya go and enjoy. 🙂

Josh in his element: Camera + Hamboard

Ross teaching me to Longboard!

Here’s to turning 30,



Longboarding made me thing of snowboarding….here is pic from a time I went snowboarding in Mammoth.


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