Day 20:: Just another day of “Here’s to turning 30”

I’m not sure why but I kept thinking today was thursday! When chatting/texting/emailing people I would refer to “tomorrow” as friday and would confuse them.  I’m sorry, again…if that was you. whoops!  So it’s not thursday but wednesday.  So once I got that figured all out, I went to my friend Christina’s house for lunch 🙂 Christina is part of my core group (see Monday, May 9th blog) so we have known each other for almost 3 years now! Her and I actually grew up in the same hometown area but did not meet till we were both living in Redding, CA! Crazy, small world.  Christina is going to change the world. Her passion to see people/businesses live/function out of honor and integrity is amazing and  inspires me. How she is a friend, a wife and a mother also inspires me.  Christina is amazing…sooo if you don’t know her, you should. 🙂 Thanks Christina and Christopher for having lunch with me!!

The McCulley's (Chad, Christopher and Christina)

Also today, I got to skype with a “long lost friend”, aka, Poophead…we haven’t seen or chatted with each other in a long time! But when we do, it feels like we just chatted yesterday.  Katy, I have known since she was in high school. We went to the same church together for a while but I really got to know her when we work together at, Camp Keola. She has been living in Texas for about 4 1/2 years now and see each other occasionally when we both go home for the holiday’s.  I am soo thankful for Skype so I could catch up with my poophead. 🙂 Katy, you are beautiful inside and out and I love how you have always stepped out and went for your dreams.   Love ya and miss ya tons!

Miss Poophead

Here’s to turning 30,



Camp Keola was my life for 7 years. Katy was part of that. Here is a pic of Myself, Katy and two other friends hanging out on the camp tractor. Love.

Keola Tractor Time


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