Day 22::: Happy Graduation Day for 2nd Year BSSM FRIENDS!!

My friend, Christi, just recently got home from a month long road trip across the country. So we headed to Jamba Juice to catch up and hear about all her adventures.  She is moving back home soon to pursue more of her dream of working in Trama/ER as a Nurse.  Christi and I have been friends for a LOOONNGG time.  We have some rough times through our friendship, but I am thankful that God redeems all things 🙂  I am excited Christi for your new adventure and that you are part of my life.  You bring hope and a perspective to situations that no one else can bring.  Thank you for loving me through everything. You are amazing.

Tonight, my roomies (of almost 2 years) and alot of friends, graduated from Bethel Supernatural School of Ministry. The school is part of the church I go to, Bethel Church.   It was bittersweet night of excitement, celebration and hope but sadden by the fact that some of these people I will not see again for a long time. It’s been a beautiful 2 years, 1 year, 1 month with all of you.

Roomies – I am sooooo excited for your next year!!! So excited that we are staying roomies and getting to go on more adventures, grow together and see some new beginnings in our lives.

Friends – dream. dream big. hope. love. you are forever in my heart and can’t wait to see all the ways you are going to change the world around you.

Roomie time before Grad

being us

After Grad, I went out with some of my Lighthouse Friends and had an great conversation with Tiffany Read.  She graduated from second year last year, but came out to see her brother graduate from 2nd year.  Tiffany you rock my face off. Your commitment to the Lord and life long dreams and desires inspire me.  When people meet you, they have no idea that their life is going to change because they are going to experience Holy Spirit. 🙂 I am stoked for your life and your new adventures.

Here’s to turning 30,



Here is my roomies first photo together in our home.


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