Day 25:: “Here’s to turning 30” of trying simple things

Today was a slow, recuperating from a busy weekend, kinda day. Not to much going on at work, data entry, working on website and puppy sitting. My supervisor was up in the inter-mountain area today, so when she is not in the office myself and co-worker get the privilege of puppy sitting.  Harley is quite the character and defiantly has his own personality.  He was my friend for today, since we spent quite a bit of time together.

One my lunch break, I had two first’s today.

#1 – depositing my check via ATM! I got some encouragement from the Cremeens and Larson’s sunday night, so thought I would give it a try. I usually go to a clerk because I feel safe in knowing that my check went into my bank account.  The ATM was pretty rad because it printed out a fun receipt with my check’s picture on it!

#2 – Try a new Starbucks drink.  I am pretty predictable when it comes to my coffee drinks. At some starbucks  as soon as I walk through the door they begin to make my drink….Tall Iced Americano (for the summer).  So today, I ventured out and tryed the Iced Cocoa Cappocino. I liked it! Not to sugary….AND it’s Iced…AND it had FOAM!!! I heart foam. A LOT. yum


Here’s to turning 30!



Hanging out with Harley made me think of my puppies!  We got Toby, January 2nd, 2005.  Here is me giving him his first bath. Which he “loved” 😉


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