Day 26:: Rain, Rainy, Raining on “Here’s to Turning 30)

Today’s forecast…Rain…Rain and more rain! You would have thought it was winter, not the beginning of summer! After a busy morning, bootcamp, putting an event on at a local high school, by 1pm I was done! but still had to go back to work at 4-8 to meet with some of my high school students for their leadership meeting. I have not taking a nap in a looooonnnggg time. But with the dreary rainy weather, it was perfect napping weather. I fell asleep and 2 hours later woke up. Now that’s a good nap. After my nap I went back to work feeling refreshed and not so cranky.  After work I went to my friends, Tim and Thao’s engagement party!! woot! I love these two. They were on my team, in March, in Nicaragua.  We all had so much fun together! I am so excited for their up coming life together.  There I finally had a good one-on-one chat with a friend, Lindsay. I have “known” Lindsay and her Husband for a while, through mutual friends, but never connected with her. Tonight, we learned we can be good friends and even are facebook friends! (you know you are friends when… 😉 ) .  Lindsay is amazing so full of life and just brightens up a room. I am so excited to get to know you more!

Here’s to turning 30,



Here’s is a shot of Tim and Thao at Calvery Hill over looking Matagalpa, Nicaragua. I love this moment.


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