Day 27: “Here’s to turning 30” with your name on a billboard. :-)

It’s Wednesday, 3 days till my 30th! Plans are coming together for an amazing weekend with friends and my seester is coming tomorrow!!!!  I am beginning to wonder what my life will be like after I turn 30…will the everyday friends stop? trying new things stop? I hope not.  My hope is to continue to be extra intentional about having coffee/lunch with friends and continue to try new things to make sure my life doesn’t go back to “normal”.  I think I have set my new “normal”. ha.

Well, today was another first for me. How many people can say they have had there name on a “billboard” on a busy street.  Once again my core group has surprised me and blessed me. Word’s cannot describe how amazing they have made my 30th birthday, thus far.  In Redding, the 76 station on Bechelli and Cypress has a mini billboard that you can “rent” out for a day and put a lil’ note up for someone.  So my core group decided to put up a birthday message for me today.  We went out to lunch and then went to take pictures by the sign. 🙂 SOOOO FUN!!!!!!!!!!

The Core of Awesome (-Emily)

It's my Sign!

now I can reach my sign! thanks Natalie!

After work, I went to Barista’s for an after-work coffee with my friend Nate.  Nate and I bonded through the fact that when we first met, we both were student’s for a University but not at Bethel Ministry School.  We are part of the Lighthouse Homegroup and at a point the only non-school of ministry students.  That was almost 3 years ago!  Nate is defiantly one of the most optimistic and genuine people I know. He can take any situation and find the positive in it. See situations from a different angles and see the true heart of God and character in people.   Thank you Nate for always encouraging and inspiring me to be the best that I can be! Thanks friend!

Here’s to turning 30,



Adventure and camping were on my mind today…here is a picture from when we used to go camping alot.  This picture brings back so many good memories with my Dad’s parents, Grandma and Grandpa Hartley and my mom’s aunt and uncle. Uncle Charlie and Aunt Bessie. And I was sitting at my favorite place in the world, at the time, my dad’s shoulders. 🙂

Grandpa Hartley, Me, Dad, Stephanie, Grandma Hartley, Aunt Bessie and Uncle Charlie (photo taken by Mom)


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