Day 28 ::: “Here’s to turning 30” and sometimes things just happen

Sometimes, things just happen, life happens and it always doesn’t go as planned. Two of my “30 things” were..and I say were going to be kayaking under a full moon and riding my bike to work. Due to a crazy rain storm and technical issues with a bike, neither of those things happened. This week is Bike to Work Week and I was soooo bummed. I wasn’t able to bike this week.  I guess I will have to extend my “birthday” and bike next week 🙂  So since I couldn’t contribute to saving the planet by biking to work, I decided for my lunch break to walk to the local grocery store and grab lunch.  Since this week has been rainy and cold, today’s 70 degree weather was perfect for a walk.

After work, I was meeting up with one of my roommates catch up on life!  We decided to grab some starbucks and after some driving around head out on a walk, which kinda …. turned into a hike.  I love Redding and it’s random gem hiking trails. There are soo many!  I loved chatting with Holly (I always do).  I love that I can just share my heart (good, bad and ugly) and she listen’s and always has some amazing loving indepth perspective on what you just said. 🙂 I also love that God seems to be teaching us the same things at the same time, so we can relate to one another.  Holly…you are beautiful and I am so blessed and thankful to call you friend and be roommates with ya! (Here’s to another year!!!) Thank you for always believing in me!!!

Holly and I on the Sacramento River Trail

Tomorrow is a big day. Even though my 30th birthday is not till Saturday…the big 3-0 par-tay is happenin’ tomorrow night!!! YEAH!! I am so excited to celebrate with so many amazing friends.

Here’s to turning 30!!



One of the first hikes I ever went on near Redding, was with my Parents to Mossbrea Falls in Dunsmuir.  To get to the falls you have to walk one mile on/along side some rail road tracks. But watch out for trains!! If they come just step aside and watch it go by. 🙂


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