“…and the storm subsides”

Today, it was storming outside. Wind. Rain. Downpour. After work, I was deciding if I should do a short run (4 miles)…it was raining but seemed to be letting up. I finally decided to go for it and run in the rain (after some encouragement from a few friends 🙂 ). So, I suited up. My long sleeve wicking running shirt, sweatshirt, and running shell (with hood), beanie, running capris, socks and running shoes. I was wearing the proper clothing, ready to enjoy my run and not feel slowed down by being soaked. I drove to an entrance at the Sacramento River Trail and as I park, it just starts POURING down rain. I asked myself, was I really going to \ go for it and run in the storm or was I going to drive back to my house where I would be dry and warm. Well, the latter thought seemed silly and not conquering this “storm”. I got out of car, put on my earbuds, pressed play on my iphone and off I went…in the crazy rain storm. As I ran, it started to rain harder, but I told myself I wasn’t going to stop, I couldn’t let a little rain stop me from having an amazing run! About 2 miles into my run the rain started to let up and then eventually stop. The last mile and half was rain free!!! It was the best. So refreshing and so peaceful. As I ran the last mile, Lord began speaking to me. AWW, I love when He speaks to me on my runs. He said, “sometimes you have to run into the storm to see it pass. You have to keep moving forward, running forward and not let the storm stop you and eventually you will conquer the storm and it will subside.” He reminded me of Psalm 46,

“God is a safe place to hide, ready to help when we need him.  We stand fearless at the cliff-edge of doom, courageous in seastorm and earthquake.Before the rush and road of oceans, the tremors that shift mountains.   Jacob-wrestling God fights for us,  God of angel armies protects us.”

In the midsts of different storms in our lives whether, unclarity, confusion, waiting for a relationship, waiting for promises to come to pass, busyness or feeling overwhelmed, finances, what ever your storm may be. We get to be fearless, couragous, run into the storm (stand on the edge of the cliff) and know that God is fighting for us. He is fighting for clarity, for peace, for that relationship, for your dream, for the promise He gave you.

He doesn’t want us to give up during the storm. If we run into the storm, not away from it and keep moving forward fearlessly, courageously, clothed in His armor, we will find HIS peace and find the storm passes by quicker as we are moving forward and not letting the storm chase us away or cause us to stand still.

Don’t give up! God’s fighting for you. He doesn’t want you to give up. Put on your armor, go run in the rain and find God’s beauty.


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