{Tres Leches Pastel}


I love to bake. I don’t do it often because of time but when I get inspired…watch out.  I love baking for other people and tonight I baked a cake for some of my high school students.  They asked for it last week and instead of buying the cake…I had an “adventures in baking” night.  I found a recipe on The Pioneer Woman’s website and “doctored” it up a little…which makes it an adventure. 🙂 So let’s begin the adventure…


Sooo, start with the basics… I combined Sof’ella Gluten Free All Purpose Baking Mix, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. In another bowl I combined, at high speed (sounds like I am flying a space ship), Trader Joe’s Liquid Egg Whites and Trader Joe’s Organic Raw Wild Honey until the mixture is pale yellow. Then I added Trader Joe’s low-fat milk and Trader Joe’s vanilla to the egg/honey mix and again mixed at high speed till all blended well. (If you can’t tell…Trader Joe’s pretty much sponsored this cake 😉 ).


Then fold the egg/milk/honey mixture in with the baking mix. Once the batter is combined well, I then poured it into the baking pan (I used my favorite stoneware baking pan from Pampered Chef…the “rectangular baker“) .


Bake for 30-35 minutes (depending on your oven and pan you bake it in).


While the cake is baking I combined one can of Trader Joe’s Low-fat Coconut Milk, heavy whipping cream and low-fat milk in a glass bowl for my tres leches.


MMMM….I can’t wait to pour it over the cake!

Once the cake is done baking, take it out of oven and let it cool for about 30 minutes or take a nap in your hammock for an hour. Either way works. I did the latter. 🙂



After I woke up from my nap in my hammock, I made the yummy frosting! I took one pint of Trader Joe’s Heavy Whipping cream, a teaspoon of Trader Joe’s Vanilla and a dash of cinnamon and mixed it…yep on high speed till it was super thick. It totally tastes like ice cream! Yum!

After I made the frosting it was time to pour the milk on the cake and let it soak it in! BUT wait before you pour on the milk, take a fork and pierce the surface of the cake in several different areas. It’s kinda like aerating the ground for the new crop. In this case, aerating the cake for the tres leches!!! After the aerating…let the pouring begin!


Once the cake is all soaked in milky goodness…then it’s time to put on the homemade frosting of awesome.


AND wahaa la…you have a wonderful yummy cake…which I hope my high schooler’s will enjoy manana.



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