Here’s to Turning 30!

“Live life to the fullest” is a quote/phrase we hear often and a quote that has been in my head for the past few months. My response to that has often been, how?! I want to, I desire to and try my best to live life to the fullest and often find myself “wishfully” thinking of one day, I’ll do this or that or I wish I could do more spontaneous adventures but I can’t because of work.  Then I finally asked myself, is it I can’t….or I won’t.

I am turning 30 in 30 days.  The past few months I have be slightly dreading turning 30, while everyone around me is telling 30 is the best, you will love your thirties. Which I do not doubt their experience, I haven’t been there yet and am living apprehensively about turning 30.  I realized a lot of my apprehensiveness was due to things I had not accomplished that I possibly wanted to accomplish before I was 30 and partially that I felt like my life was just to normal.  So, one day I was driving to a Jr. High for work and just talkin’ to God about my life, how it could be different, how I am thankful for everyone in my life and how I want to do something fun for when I turn 30.  As I was driving I had a thought, 30 new things before I turn 30! Brilliant! So I began to brainstorm 30 things to do before I turn 30, from driving the “scenic” route to work to kayaking under a full moon.  I began to get excited about all the possibilities of fun that will happen in the next 30 days and my fear and apprehensiveness of turning 30 slowly started melting away.  That night I was hanging out with my friend, Natalie, and she came up wit 30 friends in 30 days, have coffee with a different person everyday. Yet another brilliant idea!

So began to map out how this is all gonna look, who I am going to hang out with and when, what my 30 things are going to be (yes, I am a planner) and finally felt I was living life a little bit more full and that my life doesn’t have to be mundane but I can when ever I want to “mix it up”. This thought made me happy and leaving my 20’s and starting a new decade all much more enjoyable.

Today marks the 30 days till I turn 30. The start of a 30 day adventure with friends. My heart is full already and I haven’t even done anything except get out of bed. This is what living life to the fullest is about, having a heart full, living with hope, joy, friends and family.

Just a little preview of what I plan on doing the next 30 days is:

  •  Hang out with 30 friends
  •  Kayak under a full moon
  •  Try a new resturant
  •  Make my own sushi
  •  Put my feet in the ocean of Northern California
  •  Go a different way to work
  •  Actually start and FINISH a book.
  •  Buy a flash for my camera
  •  Go to a climbing wall
  •  Go Geo Cashing with Hannah


and I am still looking for a few more ideas :-)

I am thankful for you all who have been part of my journey and the relationships I have made and fun that has been had.  Here’s to turning 30! (in 30 more days)


FlashBack Photo: This is me and my cousin Sheena.  We are two days apart (I’m older. ;-) )  Not sure how old we are, but guessing maybe 1 1/2 or 2ish.

Me and My Cousin Sheena


2 thoughts on “Here’s to Turning 30!

  1. Hi Sarah, reading al your blogs and your heart :-). Is e Hannah who goes Geo Cashing a homeschooler? We have a mommie helper who’s named Hannah and her dad always goes Geo Cashing with her, so cute! You are a fun girl, even in your normal routine. You are VERY lovable, kind, and encouraging.

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