Day 10: “Here’s to Turning 30” under the Giants.

5:45am began my day. Thoughts of  13.1 miles running through my head and the desire for coffee and oatmeal. yum. 🙂 I get up and my parents are already awake. They are walking the 10k…SO proud of them. 🙂  Today, I ran my second half marathon, under massive redwood trees along a beautiful and amazing course called the Avenue of the Giants.

the start of the course

8:30am is go time.  If you have never ran a marathon/half/10k… the atmosphere is nothing like any other sport. So much excitement, focus, encouragement.  You never hear anyone put anyone down. It’s amazing. I love it! We sang the national anthem before they started us off.   With a sea of half marathon runners in front of me the race begins.

I love running. I love running along the Avenue of the Giants.   I love running and when you get tired, you looked UP for motivation and see GIANTS to encourage you. I love running and when you are at a point of beginning to walk at the 11th mile, “Worth it All” comes on to your Ipod and God is reminding you, it’s gonna be worth it. You can do this. I  created you to run. Nothing like encouragement from Jesus to give ya energy to keep going.  I love running.

Now as a runner, you are not really competing against other people, but more against yourself.  I was going for beating my last year’s time of 2:38:46.  Well, that didn’t happen. I came in at 2:50:24.  The first few hours after the race, I was disappointed and bummed. I knew I could have done better. I did last year. Thankfully I have encouraging family and friends who all let me know that even finishing, is a huge accomplishment and to give myself grace.  I was thinking about this and how we train (whether physically or educationally) for something and the day comes to show off what we “learned”, how do we handle it, when that day doesn’t go as expected? Did we necessarily fail? were we not successful? No, we did it, we accomplished. We finished. We set out for what we wanted to do and yeah so it didn’t look like what we expected, but we didn’t fail. We finished. I finished. I finished with Hope and excitement and with pretending in my head that my friend Amy was running along side me telling me “You have just a little bit more, all you have to do is run to the balloons” 🙂 I love balloons.  I loved seeing my parents on the side lines cheering me on my last few hundred yards.

Hey Mom and Dad!!

I am super proud of my parents today.  They also joined in the Marathon Madness and walked the full 10k!! Go mom and dad!!!  So here we are with our numbers looking all cool…

Before the race

after the race...lookin super refreshed.

After running /walking for over 2 1/2 hours…one get’s hungry. On our way back to Redding we decided to stop by at the Strawhouse Cafe (I am counting this as my new restaurant for my 30 things).  Their food is amazing AND the view is even better.  It was a perfect mid-70’s and sunny, so we set on the patio, having great conversation, a view of the river with the sounds of birds and spring.  It was the perfect way to spend an afternoon.

The View

The food...a roasted veggie sandwich...yum yum

To top the day off, my parents and I went to Rite Aid to get Thrifty Ice Cream on a cone. yep. I have so many memories with my parents going to Thrifty’s (that’s what it was called before Rite Aid) and getting a scoop of ice cream for 50 cents. So in honor of me turning 30, we did a flashback to my childhood and got Thrifty’s Ice Cream ( and a plus for my mom they has pistachio ice cream!)

Now I know I haven’t really had a “friend” for the day, but my parents are in town. So I am counting them as 3 friends. 🙂 OR maybe one day I will meet with two friends. 🙂

So here’s to turning 30 and an amazing weekend,



In honor of the Avenue of the Giants Race here is my favorite picture from last year. My friend Amy, after her 10k run, came and ran the last 12th mile with me 🙂



One thought on “Day 10: “Here’s to Turning 30” under the Giants.

  1. Love this….the butterfly effect: one person makes a choice and others are affected POSITIVELY…
    Thanks for being an inspiration!

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