Day 11!!! “Here’s to turning 30”

Well this blog is short and sweet. I had Jamba Juice with my friend Jenn (Day 11 friend!) We have been working together helping 7th and 8th graders at Bethel Christian School, discover and go after their dreams! It’s been such a fun journey and I love working alongside such an amazing confident woman. Jenn also has her own Coaching business, My Joy Plan. If you ever need a life coach, I would suggest her 🙂

My parents are still in town, so we decided to head out to Kobe’s Seafood and Steakhouse for dinner. Teppanyaki yum!!! AND My roomies came along for fun! Food, entertainment, lots of laughing and good company made for a great evening.

awww..he made us heart eggs

Landmark Crew

The parents.

and so concludes day 11,

Here’s to turning 30!



My dad’s birthday was on April 21st and back at home, my dad, mom and sis went to a teppanyaki place for his birthday and tonight we pretended it was his birthday all over again. He got a scoop of green tea ice cream with a candle and we all sang to him. 🙂 Here is a flashback photo from His 60th and my Sis’ 30th birthday 🙂


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