Day 12…and going strong…

5:20am…alarm goes off…hit snooze…5:25am..alarm goes off…hit snooze…5:30am…alarm goes off…fine…I’ll get up.  Today marked week 4 of a Fitness Bootcamp class I am taking, EFX @ Every Day Fitness  with the wonderful amazing Katherine Kunde as our Fitness Trainer! After my fitness class, I rushed to get ready to go to Bethel Christian School to gather with our amazing team of coaches to coach the 7th graders in their dreams, through Bethel Church Dream Culture.  We have been teaching the 8th graders how to coach, so each Dream coach got matched with an 8th grader to coach a 7th grader. I got the privilege of hanging out with three amazing Jr. High boys who have radical dreams.  Watch out world. 🙂

My parents were still in town so this morning we headed to  From the Hearth Cafe where much laughter was had.  Dad thank you for having a sense of humor. 🙂 and being buff…oh wait…

Since we all were part of the Avenue of the Giants races, we decided to wear our shirts, so here’s a shout out to TEAM HARTLEY!!

Team Hartley

My day 12 friends is the wonderful amazing Tawni (+Baby Stokes joined us!…well in Tawni’s belly 🙂 ). Tawni, I met through a friend but then later ended up on the same missions trip to Nicaragua. We became part of Team Matagalpa.   During our trip I loved seeing how Tawni and her Husband, Trevor, ministered TOGETHER.  They brought so much healing of marriage through their words and model of LOVE and MARRIAGE.  Tawni is so full of life, love and hope.  I loved chatting with her about life and the lil’ life inside her.  Tawni, you are going to be an amazing mother! I can’t wait to celebrate Baby with you this saturday and meet Baby in a few months.

I also have to add that I had a great trip to Trader Joe’s, this evening, after work.  Apparently Trader Joe’s became a place of socialization as I ran into some friends I haven’t seen in a while and had a lovely time catching up.  Trader Joe’s is where it’s at. 🙂

Well, it’s time for dream land and looking forward to Day 13…it’s gonna be good.

Here’s to turning 30,



Gotta love the first day of Kindergarten.

A is for Apple. Yup. I ate an apple today.


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