“Here’s to turning 30” Day 2

Day 2 –

So far, I am really loving my “Here’s to turning 30” adventure.  Already, just as I step forward in to trying new things and building relationships with friends, God is telling me fun things and confirming areas of my life.

Today’s friend is Sunneye!! I loved chatting with her and dreaming of outdoor recreation programs. I think both of our hearts were happy as we dreamed with each other and God.

My new thing is tonight I am going to my first ever launch party for an online dating site, On Day Six ! I know random, but I’ve never been to one. The website is a christian website catering to more the revival minded people, but of course want all walks of faith to join.

Thank you for reading and being part of my adventure. 🙂



Grandma Hartley, Seester and Me in the front yard of my parents house .... rockin' the shades


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