Everything Changes…

ImageIf we trust our feelings, or previous experiences where we have felt worthless in the outcome, would we be afraid to try again, but do it differently?

I feel, that often, we (as in I) base the outcome of situations on our previous experiences (both positive or negative). If there was a positive outcome when I was courageous and brave…I may try the same “formula” again and expect the same results. If there was a negative outcome when I was courageous and brave…I may not ever try again in fear of the same results: pain, embarrasment, etc. Even in positive experiences, where we saw an awesome outcome, we often hesitate to try something new because we know the “formula” works. If we do “this” then “that” will happen and we will be rewarded. This is also true for negative experiences. If we do “this” then “that” negative thing will happen. Often we are afraid to try again because of the not-so-fun outcome. We then begin to live life stuck in fear and with the inability to trust that the outcome may be different. To trust in the unknown without fear is a common cycle in many people’s lives… *hand raises*… yeah, in mine too. It can be hard to trust the unknown and not live in fear of the “what ifs” and past experiences. We only know life based on our experiences. Well, it might be better to say that our life is shaped by our experiences, both positive and negative. It takes courage, trust, and obedience to try something new, to try again, to get up and believe again, and not let fear creep in. If we never try, we will never know, and then we would live in the ever crazy consuming spiral of the “what ifs”. What if, as babies, we never tried to walk, or stopped trying because when we tried, we fell, it hurt and we cried? If we trusted our feelings of hurt and fear, a lot of people would not be walking today. What a different world it would be! Imagine a bunch of adults, never moving and requiring other adults (who, literally, walked past fear and pain) to carry them around. It’s a pretty silly picture, right?

So, trust our feelings…trust our past experiences will be the same always? NO! Even positive experiences, after a while, can have different outcomes. Each time we  try something, we trust, we believe. We have a choice to believe the hurt will happen again, or we have the choice to believe that the outcome will be different. We have a choice to believe that this time our hope will be restored, our love will be restored, our trust will be restored, our heart may get hurt again but it will heal. I believe this. I am choosing to take courage, to trust, to hope, because I believe that the Lord has a plan for me:

“Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart” {Jeremiah 29:11-13}

Why do I choose to believe this? Because, I would rather believe than live in fear. Believing is hard and sometimes unbelievable, but it’s way better than stupid fear, stupid fast fear.

We sang a song yesterday during church by Bryan and Katie Torwalt, “When You Walk into the Room”:

When You walk into the room, everything changes
Darkness starts to tremble at the light that you bring
When You walk into the room, every heart starts burning
And nothing matters more than just to sit here at Your feet and worship You

For me, it was a reminder that, when we Jesus walks into the room, when we call Him in, everything changes.  Invite Him in when that stupid fast fear creeps in and tries to remind you “it won’t work”, “that will never happen”, “you will end up disappointed…again”. Invited HIM in, invite in Him to reveal the TRUTH of situation, into the experience.  Even if you don’t hear Him, see Him, invite Him in and just rest, don’t try but believe He is there…and trust everything will change and you can try again, with hope and trust that everything will change.