“Here’s to turning 30” DAY 5!!!!

Today was beautiful. Woke up at the wonderful time of 5:15am to go to my fitness bootcamp class. I am actually starting to enjoy getting up before the sun. 🙂  After my class, I came home and decided that today I would drive a different way to work. I usually just go through the downtown area to get to work, which is the shortest/fastest way to work, but this morning I choose the scenic/longer route. It was amazing! I saw so many things I might have never seen before (ie. random bull, goat, pig statues in someone’s yard).  My drive was peaceful, slow and enjoyable. It actually set the tone of my day.

to work or not to work

Also this morning I decided another fun thing would be to “pay it forward” and bless an unexpected coffee lover. 🙂

Today was so full of fun! In the afternoon, I got the joy of hanging out with my friend Dave. It was so wonderful catching up, hearing his dreams, travels and heart for years to come. And learning that I can’t act casual in front of the camera…wait, I already knew that 😉 .   Thank you Dave for blessing me with a birthday coffee and blessing me with your genuine friendship. I am so excited for your summer adventures and upcoming year.

A Genuine Friend

And there ya have it…Day 5.

Here’s to turning 30,



I love my family…and our poofy dresses

The Hartley Family


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